About Us

“I believe that quality is essential, on time delivery is critical and a competitive price is crucial.
This is the way we add real value to a customers business.”

The team at Providors online are wholly focused on providing a seamless link between growers and producers and the catering professional, giving a worry-free commercial life for all our customers.

Since our foundation some 16 years ago, we have grown steadily and have built up a reputation for superb quality, an outstanding range with a reliable delivery service.

Perfection is always our aim, as we consistently achieve the highest levels of service and excellence in the catering industry. We have a very ‘hands on’ approach and an extremely capable team of staff, with a culture of determination and attention to detail you would expect from a proprietor driven business.

From our centre of operations in the Flemington markets we serve all our customers though out Sydney.  We constantly review what we do and how we do it and this continual improvement programme has led to recent investments right across the business which have enabled us to offer our customers an even better service.

At Providors online, we are passionate about meeting and exceeding the expectations of our growing customer base. Using our intimate market knowledge, our expert account management staff provide guidance and assistance to help chefs and their teams select products and develop their menus.

Our Story

Perfection Is Always Our Aim

Our newsletter the ‘CHEF’ provides a monthly review of the latest news from the fresh produce industry. 

‘Right first time’ is a reality with Providors online  , made possible through exceptional picking accuracy and highly efficient sourcing and delivery Our commitment to service means that our sales and account management staff handle customer requests quickly and efficiently. Orders placed at any time before midnight will be delivered the next day and there’s even a ‘fast track’ delivery service to help customers in urgent need.

Our customers are constantly creating fresh and exciting menus to tempt the consumers’ increasingly demanding and sophisticated palate. We actively look to broaden our range of fresh fruit and vegetables to provide new and exciting specialist lines

We stake our reputation on the excellence of the products we supply. We believe it’s a real point of difference and one which makes us stand out in the market.Our team of specialist buyers have a wealth of experience in procuring the very best quality fresh produce available both locally and internationally.

We continually assess our suppliers and we rigorously monitor everything we supply with a strong emphasis on freshness, flavor and appearance.

Long term relationships with many of our growers enable us to guarantee consistent supplies of the highest possible quality, allowing us to support our customers even when difficult market conditions prevail.These relationships, coupled to our focus on quality, ensure that every delivery confirms the core commitment to excellence which is Providors online.